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hi, i'm remi, welcome to my website. really appreciate that you're taking your time to look around this page, thanks.

i am an aspiring blogger and a video essayist, and this page's purpose is to facilitate my creativity in both of those directions, which i think it is doing quite well so far. you can find out more about me on my profile page.

my planned projects for both this page and my youtube channel are likely to involve certain degree of curation, highlighting and sharing things that i feel are worthy of my time, with intent of showing said works to others in hopes that it might interest them as well. the plans i have are rather elaborate, and currently are not reflected in much of this page, but i have ideas for this to be showcased at the latter date.

status updates

quick stream-of-consciousness posting: the way i would run a microblog had it been a public square like big social media

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[23 may 2024] service updates

i have a guestbook now. come sign off in my guestbook.

also, i gained a new presence. don’t bother much with it, though.

=> gemini://remblanc.cities.yesterweb.org

[22 may 2024] the gift of prophesy

of course just as i predicted in my previous status my day lowkey got to shit and i’m not even doing stuff i want to do lol anyway here’s my topster for no reason my topster chart lol

[22 may 2024] doing fun things before the boring stuff

my ongoing fight for systematization of my productivity is going decently in the sense that i am actually committing to doing things i want to do, but, unfortunately, same cannot be quite said of things that i need to do. the way my daily work plan is set up is that it allocates the most time for the most important tasks, and more often than not what ends up happening is that i start off with things that i do enjoy doing, in all the shorter timeblocks, and then put off things reserved for the largest timeblocks until bedtime, when it’s too late for me to do anything. anything that doesn’t interest me enough to miss out on bedtime for anyway.

[15 may 2024] scatterbrained vibes

have a couple of disjointed thoughts

  • can’t stop playing balatro ngl
  • decided to swap statuses and posts for now bc while technically posts should be the site’s main attraction, they’ve been laying dormant for a while now.
  • i have drafts for release notes for both remblanc 1.0 and remblanc 1.1. both are in limbo and one of them doesn’t even make sense to post anymore. lol
  • i can’t stop updating this site on the technical level so there are lots of unannounced under-the-hood improvements that made it a much speedier experience. i am personally very proud of these optimizations (tbh it’s more a fascination that page transitions are now near-instant, at least on chromium) but i admittedly got carried away not just from writing things, but also to the extent from life stuff as well. oops!
  • oh wow i am actually writing these the way i used to write these
  • i realized i missed my therapist appointment today. oopsie whoopsie moment, but also due to certain contrivances i need to seek it out elsewhere anyway so i am pretty much on my own now.
  • i need to take things slow again. i need a proper day off cos i feel like i’ve had all work and no fun. that feeling kinda sucks ngl
[13 may 2024] bus ride

returning home on a bus right now. bus rides feel quite weird to me when it comes to passing time: it seems like there’s a whole lot of downtime you can spend while commuting, but focus on something specific for too much, and you already missed your stop. that’s why i usually don’t do much during said downtime, besides listening to music and watching some youtube videos.

right now i’m listening to BEEF by evaboy for god knows what time. really solid record tho, goes quite hard and i want to write about it in detail at some point.

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recent posts

collection of focused works of sizeable length that i am meant to give some thought to. results may vary.

this section currently hasn't seen an update in quite a solid while, even though i have not at all forgotten about its presence. it's just that writing is kind of a serious commitment, and commitments are something that i am not great at managing.

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some cool info and stats regarding this page

this page was created on 26 feb 2024 and last updated on 22 may 2024. it has been visited 26263 times apparently, and of all the people who've seen it there are at least 47 nekoweb users who appear to be interested in seeing this page more.

serving as a guide back to this homepage in the bottom left corner is miorine rembran from the hit anime series mobile suit gundam the witch from mercury. it is absolutely free on youtube and i wholeheartedly recommend checking it out

cool remi fun facts

remi last listened to Lost Changes by Beth Gibbons.

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garden of remembrance

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i did not plan to make a button for myself until 1.0 but due to the non-zero demand for it here's a high quality button you can put on your webpage. hotlinking it is fine because i will definitely be replacing it out of sheer embarassment.


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