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hi, i'm remi, welcome to my website. really appreciate that you're taking your time to look around this page, thanks.

i am an aspiring blogger and a video essayist, and this page's purpose is to facilitate my creativity in both of those directions, which i think it is doing quite well so far. you can find out more about me on my profile page.

my planned projects for both this page and my youtube channel are likely to involve certain degree of curation, highlighting and sharing things that i feel are worthy of my time, with intent of showing said works to others in hopes that it might interest them as well. the plans i have are rather elaborate, and currently are not reflected in much of this page, but i have ideas for this to be showcased at the latter date.

recent posts

if this is not on your page, then javascript isn't doing its job. i just realized i barred all the non-javascript peeps from reading my blog posts oops

status updates

quick stream-of-consciousness posting: the way i would run a microblog had it been a public square like big social media

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[8 apr 2024] the non-comic sans update

wanna keep things short: the nice links have been fixed, and i am on them now. the siteboxes are still not addressed, but at least i know the workaround and the bug has been reported. quite a good site update overall.

i am now considering moving this page to astro, so the experimentation on that front is underway. this promises to be somethins interesting, we'll see how this turns out and how much of "backwards compatibility", if one can call that, this will retain. i def have a strong reason to move to something like that, and that is component reusability, which will come in handy both for automating the existing things and potentially putting them on a CMS, as well as potentially iterating more on the more ambitious things i still have in plan for the site.

can't believe i'm having fun with a javascript framework. hope i won't be stubbing my toe once more here.

[8 apr 2024] nekoweb's new features are currently breaking this site

nekoweb just dropped an update to its site introducing some really neat things, notably for all its users a terminal feature, which looks really cool, although is not very likely to see practical use from me as i already am pretty well-versed with doing things it provides locally, on my machine. we'll see how it ends up working out, but i imagine it's gonna introduce people newer to webdev than me to some really fun stuff.

Screenshot of the terminal on my page

less notably, to accommodate for the power it provides, mainly the toolset to give ppl the ability to build websites in web frameworks of their choice, nekoweb now has the niceties ppl in the outside webdev world are used to, such as setting a custom site root folder (to keep site source in whatever language a given framework uses separated from the actual site, optimizations, transpiling, all that), as well as "nice links", i.e. the webpage links that are routed in the way so they aren't presented with the .html file extension (for example my status archive would show up in the address bar as "sitename/statusarchive" instead of "sitename/statusarchive.html").

some really neat features, right?

Nice links and alternative site root.

well, i'd say that if they did not break a bunch of things on my end.

"nice links" are currently straight up broken, not even rendering the page and just showing its source instead. you can roughly estimate how my webpage looked to a bystander in that moment by right-clicking right on this webpage and pressing "View Page Source". i'd surely call that the holy grail of webpage minimalism, but that is definitely not how i wanted my site to be presented xd.

other issue was with my sitebox, as, due to my website moving shenanigans, i found out about a whole bunch of undocumented behavior of whatever is parsing nekoweb's siteboxes.

so the comments in the default elements.css nekoweb provides tell you that "only nekoweb URLs [are] allowed", and you have to "use full url to your site", as in doing the whole song and dance with "sitename dot nekoweb dot org slash wherever your asset is".

setting the site root elsewhere kind of breaks this workflow, as i found out when the sitebox momentarily looked like this:

Screenshot of the broken sitebox on nekoweb's index page. Notably, mio is present, but not the black background, which was just an image file.

and so i fixed that by moving all my sitebox assets to my site root.

or so i thought, until i looked at the explore page.

Screenshot of the broken sitebox on nekoweb's explore page. This time, neither mio, nor the black background are present.

turns out, specifically on the explore page, nekoweb does funky transformations to the "username.nekoweb.org" link presented in css to instead point it to the filesystem as presented in the user's storage root.

Demonstration of nekoweb's funky link transformation behavior.

it makes sense to do this, especially now that the page can be decoupled from its root folder, but this behavior is currently not consistent between the homepage and the explore section, which caught me off-guard.

this sudden funky behavior caused me to mildly snap as i placed a bunch of workarounds to make the sitebox function in all the cases i uncovered, so now, until this behavior is fixed, my sitebox will be presented in comic sans.

goofy problems prompt the goofy reflections lol

Demonstration of my sitebox using Comic Sans MS instead of default font as before.
[5 apr 2024] comments on the disparate thoughts

making an addendum to yesterday's status. i guess the thoughts are not so disparate now that that they're the subject.

mental health update

i successfully booked the appointment. gonna take a bit, and i will have to wake up early for that, so it's gonna be quite a challenge. i feel less comfortable talking about my mental health today, so all i am going to say is that i have no intent not to follow through with that.

a sudden posting epiphany

my yesterday's tangent on modern web being as long as it was made me ponder quite a bit about the nature of these statuses.

on one hand, i think it fits my intention with the status section quite well: even though it took me 1 hour and 30 minutes to write, i did it in a continuous burst, unfiltered, rapid fire, straight out of my brain. exactly what i wanted the section to facilitate.

on the other hand, that was a lot of text! 7 paragraphs, 492 words, 2874 characters. wow. it's a blog post length. it's as much as what my friends from a small blogger accontability group wrote.

i thought blogging is more of a deliberate thing, and i kind of worked myself up to some kind of a high standard, thinking that i'd need to exert high effort to commit to that. and then i just went and spat out something i am kind of proud of for how little time i spent of it, now considering giving a place in my blog section, touchups included.

it led me to questioning the site structure i planned for myself here, with "high-effort posts" and "low-effort statuses", such and such. i do not have the alternative for that structure just yet.

what i know now, however, is that by telling myself to chill i successfully rewired my brain into producing something i actually like now. wild.

[4 apr 2024] certain disparate thoughts

have a bunch of different things i want to air out. none of these thoughts are cohesive, but they are all on my mind at once, so might as well give them some place

remblanc 1.0

remblanc 1.0 has no set timeline anymore. there still is a perceived goal for its finale, for its solidified form, but there's nothing technically blocking me from moving on and just continuing the approach of spontaneous iteration that so far has driven the development of this site. i'm not saying it's done just yet, but it sometimes happens that the software dubbed as release candidate just pretends to be the release version and works fine anyway, so it's probably something like that. i'm not sure if radical change or some new major feature is on the horizon at this point, but i'm perfectly accepting of minor tweaks or additions to the things that are already here.

speaking of tweaks, many thanks to lel for pointing out that there is a pixelated rendering option in css that, unsurprisingly, makes the elements designed to be pixelated look much nicer. turns out it also works really well with 88x31 site buttons, so i enabled it for them for the crispy goodness. the buttons section looks much better now.

my life is a bit of a wreck right now

not feeling like delving into details, but life has been wrecking me hard lately. my sleep schedule spiraled out of control once again, so it feels like night and day have swapped for me in some very twisted ways. no systems i try to build for myself or have built previously are working for me right now, so currently my life feels like i am constantly dealing with slippery road conditions.

i'm going to try to get myself together today and go seek mental health assistance, because i really need one and i should definitely mention it somewhere for that small bit of perceived accountability i get with the goals that i set for myself. get some natural strength to assemble and actually commit to it ✊🏻

webdev feels too professional for me atm

i started gazing back into the pit of web development frameworks (looking to experiment with astro right now), and i think i realized that i have a particular gripe with the lingo modern webdev has attached to it. all the professional-sounding terms and webdev buzzwords just don't sit right with me, with how much of it all talks of, idk, "optimizing the product by preloading fast hydration for efficient user consumption of a web app". you know, things that make web development sound impersonal, commercial, industrial, alien to the layperson.

i don't want to be an outright rebel and reject the commercial side of webdev, even though i obviously go against the grain with how i currently do things. the way i make my site right now is sidestepping what i perceive as my weaknesses in graphic design by being blunt, simplistic, and rather utilitarian with my building approach. for how strong i perceive my aesthetic sense, designing sites is not my forte, and i won't pretend it is.

professional web developers, just like professional developers in general, are absolute wizards that can come together to realize some of the bolddest ideas by building really strong foundations and designing great visuals that look nice no matter the device one views things on. the technical prowess is undeniable, and looking at some of the showcased pages on astro's site stuns me. i kind of want to jump up there, but i am way below this bar, i cannot reach it.

but when i step back and look at all these pizzazzy showcase-grade pages, i realize that i feel something impersonal in them. they look cool, but they're products. they lack some individuality, and that is obviously a consequence of the fact that these kinds of sites are often either built by teams of people for corporations, or, if they are made by individuals, to promote their creators to such corporations. it either feels like a corporate twitter account, or an "x premium" blue checkmark gushing at the brand new javascript framework.

the way things look there is decidedly not like things i see on personal web that often. there are some fancy sites round here, but even the most mindblowing examples i admire, like, say, öngezell, have the character to them that is out of place with much of the professional-made, professional-grade stuff. even if there are elements of self-promotion, like it is obviously the case with öngezell, there is a personal touch, the sense of a living person doing cool things.

i think that with web development, heck, even with software dev it's easy to fall into this trap of professional expectations and try to school oneself into professional ways of making things, obscuring from the view all the coolness, the fun that can arise from doing these things recreationally, for enrichment of the self.

something has to change about all of this. there has to be more fun in this world.

[3 apr 2024] an unfortunate website obituary

unfortunate coincidences happen in life, and this time it kind of struck me, even though it's most likely not about me whatsoever.

not that long passed since i wrote my status about the difficulty of judging someone's age, casually referencing a webspace dweller who goes by bikobatanari. on my end it was largely a tangent based on my life observations wrt judging other ppls' ages and how my age was also misjudged not an insignificant amount of times.

mere days, probably a week since i wrote that, the site went down.

as a tech-savvy person i immediately sought leads on where i could possibly contact him on that situation, only to find out that it was no ordinary outage. the associated communication channels, ones not tied to the website, disappeared. the contact form on some japanese shoutbox service was shutdown. the youtube channel that powering the rather silly NostalgiaTube page, gone. it's hard to believe it is not intentional.

such a nice facade, a cozy place with fun quips and some really insightful writing, all were torn down with deliberacy, no stone unturned.

my dumb traumatized brain in such situations keeps piecing two and two together and producing a conclusion that it was all my fault for flippantly dismissing what i myself dubbed as a flippant remark about age, but i really don't think there is a rational explanation to that line of thinking; i am kind of an insignificant blip even by personal web ecosystem standards (the explore section on nekoweb doesn't seem to amount to much, frankly), and frankly i think i did at decent job noting that it's completely fine for him to hide his age on the internet, so, really, it's probably something else that got to him. (edit: going through internet archive i realized i was more of a dumbass about my age remark than i initially realized but i digress) running a personal site independently is no easy feat after all. in this day and age site hosting may seem simple, and there are companies making it easy to get in, but one weird site traffic incident and you might just get charged an obscene amount of money. hosting a site on your own in this day and age is more akin to handling a deployed landmine.

i haven't had a chance to see all his site has on offer, but i can tell that what i saw, i really enjoyed. he had a knack for writing, he wrote some really interesting observations on various things, and he undoubtedly influenced my outlook on internet, what it means to interact with it, to run a personal website. i still haven't absorbed it all, but the fact that some of this wisdom is now lost just doesn't sit right with me.

regardless, for me, the legacy of his site will live on. this very section of the website has navigation implemented the way it is specifically because i saw it on biko's garden section. it's kinda wild to realize something has influenced me in more than one way like that.

i will not question his decision to go offline, because everyone should be able to exercise their right to be forgotten. i will also respect his decision to never put his website back online ever again.

i probably won't find out if he sees this, and that is okay. been nice to see the site when it was up still.

bikobatanari, july 2020 - march 2024. i'd love this to be a massive overreaction on my end, but it genuinely mattered to me that much.

bikobatanari's homepage screenshot
[22 mar 2024] my first nekoweb tool

i'm still taking things slow and trying to get myself back together, but in the meantime i might as well flesh out my spur-of-a-moment thing and give back to the nekoweb community with something useful:

a sitebox previewer!

Sitebox previewer screenshot

it wasn't hard to make, but i know i needed it, and i know others need it as well, so i am more than glad to share it. this is quite likely to enable some unhinged sitebox edits on my end in the future.

grab it from github today!

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some cool info and stats regarding this page

this page was created on 26 feb 2024. it has been visited a lot of times apparently, and of many people who've seen it there are at least some nekoweb users who appear to be interested in seeing this page more.

serving as a guide back to this homepage in the bottom left corner is miorine rembran from the hit anime series mobile suit gundam the witch from mercury. it is absolutely free on youtube and i wholeheartedly recommend checking it out

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i did not plan to make a button for myself until 1.0 but due to the non-zero demand for it here's a high quality button you can put on your webpage. hotlinking it is fine because i will definitely be replacing it out of sheer embarassment.


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